To our employees

At Dermofarm, sustainable development goes hand in hand with a social and professional model that respects personal dignity, work-family balance and equality in a broad sense, and this is supported by our Code of Ethics. We have implemented a protocol for the prevention of harassment, an equality plan, leave for women whose jobs put their pregnancy at risk, flexible working hours and we encourage internal promotion so that everyone can build their future and learn by innovating.

Team awareness and social conscience

We know how important it is to feel part of a team, and that’s why we encourage sharing among our employees through our “themed breakfasts”, among other things. But times of adversity are when teams really come together and put all their resources into solving the problem or helping other collectives. In the face of the COVID-19 crisis, all Dermofarm employees have played their part and have shown us the strength of cohesion.


We are taking steps towards an increasingly sustainable management by reducing single-use plastics, facilitating the use of public transport, managing the recycling of paper, installing filtered water fountains and distributing glass bottles to all employees, etc.

Inclusion and equality

We collaborate with Special Employment Centres and the Fundación Adecco to facilitate, through professional experience, the inclusion of people with disabilities and those at risk of social exclusion or in the process of professional reorientation.